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    screen printing supplies in Denver

    Screen printing supplies Denver

    Finding proper screen printing supplies in Denver can be some what of a challenge.  With fewer print shops in town the demand for a variety of suppliers has dwindled and only a few consistent suppliers remain.  We have a short list of the suppliers who have helped Denver Screen printer make its way to the head of the pack in local screen printing in Denver.  We trust these suppliers with our business and we know that we can count on them to help us when our back are against the wall.  In fact Rockstar’s owner Randy Cole has been available to help us  more than any other supplier in Colorado, there have been multiple times where he came in on his day off to get us some much needed inks.  His prices are fair he always has what we need stocked and his pantone matching service has helped us land large clients we would not have dreamed of approaching if it wasn’t for his service.  Friendly service that is both affordable and fast is the reason Rockstar Screen Supply is our #1 screen printing supplier in Denver.  Rockstar also provides the equipment needed to print your own shirts, everything from single color table top units to full scale 12 head automatic screen printing set-ups.

    Next up on the list if Midwest Sign Supply.  Midwest is much larger company and is not always customer service oriented. We do however consider them a trusted supplier and have worked with them for over 10 years in Denver. The products they provide are unique to them, a variety of substrates, inks, screens and other miscellaneous supplies keep us going back. Midwest actually provided us with our very first carosale unit that helped us grow the business so quickly. We recently purchased several other Wide format printing machines.

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