Custom Embroidery in Denver

Who doesn’t love a custom embroidered hat or polo? Denver screen printer has helped hundreds of small businesses create high quality gear for employees and customer giveaways.  Embroidery is the process of taking a digital image such as a logo, phrase, or text and reproducing it as a stitched image on a piece of apparel.  Denver screen printer uses hundreds of thread colors to match your logo or image.  Embroidery projects take a bit of knowhow and experience and we’d like to lend you as much of that as we can.

Embroidery consulting

Getting your image, logo or text converted into an appropriate file for embroidery is a critical segment of all embroidery projects.  Image digitizing involves converting an image into a file that dictates exactly where the stitching will occur.  Image digitization is the first step of most embroidery projects (unless you have a digitized file to provide with your order).  There is a small fee associated with image digitization.  Standard digitization prices range from $50 – $200 depending on difficulty and complexity.  If you need design assistance as well, we can help with that as well.

Garment options

Choosing the right garment is critical for a great result.  Super stretch fabrics tend to bunch up when embroidered so generally it is best to embroider 50% or greater cotton fabrics.  Pure polyester fabrics can often result in poor quality so we ask that you do not choose 100% polyester.  There are other options for pure polyester including screen printing, die sublimation and heat transfer that may give you want you are looking for without risking poor results.  Ask one of our expert consultants if you need to clarify your garment choices before you place your order.   Call us today and we’ll get your custom embroidery job started today so that you have great looking apparel when you need it!