Custom Sticker Printing

Custom Sticker Printing

We love to design and print stickers!  seriously though we are obsessed with stickers….. So you’re interested in getting some stickers printed, cool we would love to help you.  We print all stickers in house using our Mimaki print and cut wide format printer.  This little piece of equipment gives us the flexibility to print on a variety of substrates with state of the art color reproduction and speed.  Indoor and outdoor stickers use two different types of materials, each with its own unique properties but both equally cool.  The indoor material we use is great for all sorts of applications and surfaces which include, packaging, organization, equipment labeling, menus, signs and much much more.  We don’t typically laminate indoor stickers since they are not being exposed to the hard elements outdoors, but if you want to insure the longevity of your stickers you are more than welcome to add laminate to the order.  Outdoor stickers are our specialty! bumper stickers, signs, street art, vehicle graphics and general custom stickers. We use the highest quality materials for print, ink and laminates to insure the longest lasting stickers. Why should you print stickers? well for one we love them and we think they are pretty cool.  And we aren’t the only ones who think so.  Because there is so much flexibility and price variations stickers are a cost effective way to spread the word about your brand.  Affordable marketing with a long shelf life sums up the advantages to professionally printed stickers.

Professional Sticker designers

Hire us, we like to design stickers as much as we like to print and stick them to stuff. Our professional designers are here to help you get the most out of your stickers.  Using state of the art equipment and color matching software we can guarantee to match your company color, logo color or the color of a favorite photo.

What makes a great sticker?

We like to think all stickers are great but there is a few things to consider when designing your sticker. You can read more about that whole process here.