T-Shirt Design

We have been designing t-shirts since day one. In fact our company started as a graphic design firm looking for a cool outlet in between brochure designs and logo creation.  Creating a piece of clothing is the most gratifying form of graphic design.  We can work with you to figure out the right kind of design for your project.  There are many considerations when designing a t-shirt.  These include printing methods, order volume and other factors that have significant impact on price.   

We work with you to determine if we should be designing for screen print, direct to garment, heat transfer or other printing methods.  We start with your order details and budget and work from there.  Using a small number of colors to get a great effect is one of our strong suits.  We can design your 1 or 2 color shirt design so that it saves you money and looks amazing.

Call us today and one of our expertly trained and educated graphics designers will be in contact with you to handle your project to your exacting specifications.  A large order of shirts is not a cheap purchase, let’s make your dollars count by putting something you’ll love onto your shirts.

Logo Design

Not have a logo?  We’re experts at logo design too.  Whether you have all your branding complete or you’re just getting started, trust Denver Screen Printer to do a bang up job creating your presence at large.  Logo design is a critical component of branding and it is often gotten wrong.  We will work with you to develop a simple, powerful image that is easily recognized.  That way your brand can live in any environment, whether it is a single color t-shirt or a full color brochure.  Trust us to handle you critical creative work.  Contact us today!